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“Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.”.... Peter Drucker

About Us:

At aquality
TM we believe that innovation holds the key to growth and sustainability of any organization. While high growth remains a key parameter to success but that in itself may note ensure community development and environmental replenishment. In the current socio-economic scenario where environment has become the priority globally, efforts are required locally to achieve growth which benefits at a greater scale.

It is our integrated approach to common goals that sets us apart. Cooperation over Competition, Sustainability over Profitability, Livelihood over Employment, Solutions over Sales, Value creation over Marketing are some of our priorities in the long term. We strive to create a positive impact at the community level with our interactions.

As an entrepreneurial firm in an era of extreme competitiveness we move ahead by creating value rather than pursuing business. This strategic choice is reflected in our approach at every step.

In line with our core philosophy of sustainable solutions for societal needs aqualityTM has a product portfolio focussed on the key segments of Water, Air and Energy.

Aquality Water Solutions (P) Ltd. has expertise in successfully handling the filtration and purification needs of Commercial & Industrial Water Treatment with technologically advanced designs and optimally functioning systems. These systems can also be made available in customized specifications or configurations to suit individual requirements of output water that varies from regular household consumption to specialized industrial processes. Ancillary equipment and systems for water supply, storage, cooling, dispensing, recycling and rain water harvesting are also part of our product offering.

Air Purifiers with the most advanced technology using synchronized multi stage intelligent filtration to provide pure air for a healthy lifestyle. We provide standard models for residential use and customized solutions for Industrial and Commercial Applications.

Solar Power has emerged as the future of global energy market. Given the inherently clean and minimal eco impact, solar power dominates the power segment in developing countries. AWSPL brings you intelligent system technology for greater independence offering solutions for all photovoltaic applications, from residential solar systems to large-scale industrial power plants with a comprehensive maintenance and service package for PV Modules..

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