Pentair introduces the finest Commercial Reverse Osmosis System. This 5 stage RO System from Pentair is specially designed to offer optimum level of water filtration, It filters particles as small as .0001 micron.

​​With advanced technology and reliable quality, Pentair uses world class components in this RO System, to ensure safe drinking water for all. Our high technology membrane and filters help remove all impurities like mineral salts (TDS), suspended particles (TSS) etc found in water and makes the tap water safe for consumption.


Sediment Cartridge pre filter - Helps in removing all suspended impurities
Granular Activated Carbon Filter - Makes water drinkable by removing color, organic, chlorine, odor
Carbon Block Filter - Removes chlorine, odor, taste and color
HRO membranes - These are high flow Pentair membranes, remove water contaminants such as dissolved salts, pesticides & heavy metals etc.
Post membrane - The post membrane polishes the water to improve the taste of the water and makes it drinkable.
Auto Flushing - Auto flushing increases the life of membranes.


​• World class components used to ensure pure water.
• Significantly less expensive than bottled water, with a reduced impact on environments.
• Enhances taste by removing undesirable salts and minerals.
• RO Membrane removes up to 99% of dissolved solids.
• High-capacity filters that reduce bad taste/odor and chlorine.


Reverse Osmosis System 
Suitable for purification of tap water upto TDS- 2000 ppm and Hardness below 500 ppm
Purification Capacity 
25 L/Hr ** 
Wall Mount / Under Sink
Dimensions (mm) 
L 411 x W 180 x H 500 
Sediment, GAC Cartridge, Carbon Block, Cartridge, RO and Post Carbon.
Booster Pump 
150 GPD, 24 VDC 
25 % 

25 LPH System