Air Purification System based on the principal of ECP (Electrostatic charged plasma) along with high grade HEPA & carbon filter & UV to neutralize DUST, Pollen Allergen, Smoke, Odor, bacteria, Virus, other micro-organisms, and toxic gases such as formaldehyde.

​Best in class 6 Stage Filtration Process

1. Washable Pre Filter: Designed to filter Larger Particles and prevent clogging
     Removes: HAIR / Large Dust particle / Pet dander etc.
2. Electro statically charged plasma array : Magnetically traps the tiniest of impurities on a washable metallic       grid, Extends life of the Activate carbon & Hepa filter for up to 2 years.
    Removes: Micro Dust particles / Ash / Smoke / Pollen / Carbon etc.
3. Activate carbon Filter: A unique honeycomb design containing Live Charcoal granuals, blocks Gases and            odors.
    Removes: Cigarette Smoke / Formaldehyde / Ammonia (pet & perspiration odors) VOCs / other harmful gases      etc.
4. HEPA Filter: Traps pollutants of size 0.3 micron at 99.97% efficiency rate.
    Removes: very small particles / Small allergens / Microscopic bacteria and viruses / Dust mites etc.
5. Ultra Violet Light: Works independently to neutralize microorganisms.
    Removes: Bacteria / Mould / Viruses etc.
6. Negative Ionizer: Trillions of healthy negative ions fill your room for continued cleaning.


•Portable & Light Weight Table top Air Purifier
• Area covered up to 180 Sq ft.
• Clean Air Delivery rate (CADR) – 120M3/hr
• Best in class 6 Stage filtration system
• Washable Pre filter, Electrostatic charged Plasma filter, Activated carbon filter, Hepa filter 0.3 micron, UV       Lamp, Negative ions
• Fan Speed Adjustment
• Timer Mode
• Smart ION & UV mode
• Power consumption – 43W
• Weight – 4.5Kg
•1 Year Brand Warranty

Technical Specification

Air Flow
HEPA Filtration
0.3 micron @99.97%
Filter Replacement
After 12 Months (Avg. use of 6 - 7 hours every day)
Inbuilt Sensors
Odour sensor
Applicable Area Max.
Up to 25 M2
Dust Purifying Rate
Formaldehyde Purifying Rate
Germs purifying Rate
UV LED Bulbs
6W , >20nw/CM2 (at 10cm distance)
Dimensions (mm)
Weight (kg)
3.2 Kg
220V/50 Hz
Power consumption
45 W
Sound Level (db)
Less than 30 dB
Fan Speeds
Negative ions
10 million pcs/CM3
 DC Brushless Motor (Japanese)

Air Purifier XJ-2800