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Recommended Use/Benefits
Ideal for homes, small rooms and indoor spaces up to 350 sq. ft.

The Alfa 351 contains advanced filtration technology for effective protection from air pollution. Pre-filter, HEPA, Activated Carbon and Cold Catalyst filter remove dust, suspended particulate matter, air-borne bacteria, viruses and lingering smells. It has a Negative Ion generator to help freshen and revitalize the air. Negative Ions in the air help improve pulmonary and heart muscle functions.

  1. STAGE 1: Pre-filter: Removes coarse dust particles from the air which prolongs life of the air purifier system
  2. STAGE 2: HEPA – Absorbs fine particulate matter down to 0.3 Micron like pollen, drifting dust and germs with purification efficiency of up to 99.7%
  3. STAGE 3: Cold catalyst: Restrains the activation of the virus effectively
  4. STAGE 4: Activated carbon: Catalyzes and decomposes harmful gas
  5. STAGE 5: Ionizer: More than 3.8 million negative ions cubic meter are generated per second to provide a fresh environment at home.   

Technical Specifications

Brand                                                Atlanta Healthcare
Model                                                Alfa 351
Product Type                                     Air Purifier
Body Material                                    Plastic
Color                                                 Grey
Technical Specifications
Air Flow (m3/hr)                                  210
CADR (m3/hr)                                     110
Maximum coverage area (sq. ft.)          350
In the Box
Box Contains                                         Main Unit, Remote Control, User Manual, Warranty Card
Voltage (Volts)                                         220
Power Consumption (Watts)                    40
Coverage Area (sq. ft.)                            350
Min Noise level (dB)                               35
Max Noise level (dB)                              45
Fan Speed Modes                                    3 [Low / Medium / Fast]
Timers                                                      1 to 12 hrs and manual

Additional Features

  1. Advanced filtration technology
  2. Multi-Mode Operations
  3. LED Display
  4. Plug & play operation
  5. Auto start in case of Power failure

Remote Control                                          YES

Number of Filters                                         3
Pre Filter                                                      YES, COMPACT
HEPA Filter                                                  YES, COMPACT
Activated Carbon                                          YES, COMPACT
Other Filters / Purification Technology

  1. Cold Catalyst
  2. Ionizer

Product Weight (kgs)                                         3.6
Dimensions in mm                                              310 x 420 x 140 mm
HEPA Filter size                                                240 x 230 x 25 mm
Activated Carbon and Cold Catalyst Filter Size  240 x 230 x 25 mm
Warranty (years) excluding consumables 1 Year

INR 9,550.00

Alfa 351

Atlanta Healthcare Alfa-351 Air Purifier is a residential air purifier which can efficiently handle fine dust particles, body scurf, dust, pet dander, harmful gases, smoke and odour. This air purifier is ideal for homes, indoor spaces and small rooms of up to 350 sq. ft area. This air purifier has three speed levels to regulate the same as per requirement. Also, it has a timer with modes 1, to 12 hours and manual mode. There is an LED display which provides the necessary information about the air purifier operation [Timer, Speed and Anions]

Highly beneficial for asthmatic patients living in cities and generally polluted or pollen bound areas. The higher availability of fresh air helps enhance activity, health and memory levels in children.Besides making the environment & surrounding air fresh and pure, it generates 3.8 million negative ions per cubic meter. Negative ions are found near waterfalls, mountains & green areas like forests and keep you fresh and vitalize your mind, mood and body.