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  • Modern Design with transparent storage tank
  • Wall Mounted/Table Top Design
  • Fully Automatic with Auto Start and Auto off
  • Purification capacity of 15 Ltrs/hr
  • Storage Capacity of 9 Ltrs
  • 6 Stage purification with RO and extra Pre Filter

MRP: 12,499.00 INR

AQUAPOT™ -the leading brand for water treatment equipment catering to both Domestic and Commercial segments. AQUAPOT™ is an ISO 9001 Certified company and a member of “Water Quality Association- USA” with a reputation for Quality & Reliability in the market.

Aquality Water Solutions Pvt. Ltd is the authorized Distributor & Service provider for  complete AQUAPOT range of products.


  • Wall Mounted Best Option
  • Compact & Easy Installation
  • Easily fits above your kitchen sink and also for under-sink installation
  • Purification Capacity @ 15 Ltrs
  • Easy Maintenance

MRP: 11,499.00 INR

Under sink installation option with Booster tank available contact us for details

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RO+UV Technology
Best wall Mounted Design
Purified water level indicator
High Storage Capacity
Fully Automatic


* The top selling model of our range UV Smart is preferred by our customers owing to the sleek and compact design combined with superb performance.

* This model is customizable based on requirements with the option of TDS Regulator, UF, Alkaline Cartridge and increased purification capacity of 30 LPH (Standard 15LPH)

* The wall-mount/table top design makes it convenient to install in the kitchen or near the dining area.

* Comes with the extra Pre filter (available on all our models) as well. This additional filtration stage extends the RO membranes life by regularly replacement.

Now also available with transparent storage tank (UV Smart T)

MRP: 15,499.00 INR