This compact Home/Car Air Purifier CF-88 not just knockouts smoke, dust and stuffiness from your car but also combats the dangers posed by exposure to VOCs, PBDEs and phthalates in your car.


• 7-Step Purification System ensures 97% removal of PM2.5
• Compact, convenient and portable design
• Mute Function
• Aromatherapy
• Ideal for controlling the VOC (Volatile organic compounds) levels in car interiors
• True HEPA and activated carbon filter effectively trap particles, odors, bacteria,    allergens, pollen, dust mites, smoke and pet dander by 99.7%
• Detects air pollution and transfer the airflow grade automatically
• Photo-catalyst filter works with UV light to break down and destroy poisonous fumes,     VOCs, viruses and fungus
• Efficient ionizer emits more than 5,000,000 anions


Air Flow
15 M3/hr
HEPA Filtration
 0.3 micron @99.97%
Filter Replacement
After 12 Months (Avg. use of 6 - 7 hours every day)
Inbuilt Sensors                                            
Odour sensor
Dust Purifying Rate
Formaldehyde Purifying Rate
Germs purifying Rate
Display Mode  
Rated Voltage 
Rated Power  

Negative Ions  
Outlet Wind speed   

? 40 M/S (Low) 

? 30 M/S (Low)

UV Light Lamp life 
Applicable Area Max.
Up to 15 M2