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Our Products:-

E-Series Ozone Generator - 1gm/hr to 2gm/hr
A-Series Ozone Generator - 1gm/hr to 4gm/hr
L-Series Ozone Generators - 10gm/hr to 500gm/hr
M-Series Ozone Generators - 10gm/hr to 200gm/hr
V-Series Ozone Generators - 10gm/hr to 50gm/hr
I-Series Ozone Generators - 1kg/hr to 50kg/hr
OEM Ozone Generators
Ozone Skid System
Domestic Ozone Sterilizer
Air Sterilizer - Instaclean

How Ozone Works :-
Ozone is a gas. And it’s made of just one thing-oxygen. Ozone is one of the most powerful commercially available oxidants & disinfectant for air & water treatment. Any pathogen or contaminant that can be disinfected, altered or removed via an oxidation process  will be affected by ozone. Compared to chlorine, the most common water disinfection chemical, ozone is a more than  50% stronger oxidizer and acts over 3,000 times faster. In addition to its capabilities, ozone is an environmentally friendly method of treatment without creating harmful by products or significant residues.

Faraday Instruments Manufactures Corona Discharge Ozone Generators, Ozonators, Air Sterilizers, Oxygen Concentrators, Ozone Monitors, Controllers for Air, Water and Waste water treatment. The company always relied on its strong technical background, which was built up by establishing laboratory and testing facilities apart from acquiring knowledge through literature, standards and interaction with actual users and customers world wide.We closely work with water treatment and ozone generator manufacturers.