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INR 18,190.00

Gama 331
The Gama 331 is a sophisticated all-purpose medical air purifier for Home, Doctor’s chamber, office, guest rooms and indoor spaces up to 330 sq. ft. area.

Recommended Use/Benefits

  • Small rooms and indoor spaces upto 330 sq. ft.
  • Doctor’s chambers, and pre & post-operative care units.
  • Highly beneficial for asthmatic and other patients and generally polluted or pollen bound areas.

With best in class features, the Gama 331 contains advanced filtration technology for effective protection from air pollution and a host of filters to remove dust, suspended particulate matter, air-borne bacteria, viruses and lingering smells.

  1. STAGE 1 – PRE FILTER: To remove coarse particles and is washable
  2. STAGE 2 – HEPA:Absorbs fine particulate matter down to 0.3 micron like pollen, drifting dust and germs with purification efficiency of up to 99.7%.
  3. STAGE 3 – Photo catalyst:Keeps you safe from infections. Made out of Titanium Dioxide, the photo catalyst effectively oxidizes the red cells of bacteria and restrain activation of viruses in tandem with Ultra Violet light
  4. STAGE 4 – Activated carbon:Catalyzes and decomposes harmful gas like formaldehyde, H2S, NH3 from the air efficiently
  5. STAGE 5 – Ultra Violet Light (UV): Sterilization of Air (up to 97.5%)
  6. STAGE 6 – Ionizer:More than 8 million negative ionsper cubic meter are generated per second to provide a fresh environment at home.

Additional features

  • Multi-Mode Operations:Lets you choose from manual, automatic or timer modes
  • Safety switch:Automatically switches off the unit if the filter cover is opened. Ideal for homes with children
  • LED display:Makes the unit attractive looking and lets you know the operating parameters at a glance
  • Plug & play operation: Easy to use, No installation required.

Technical Data
Brand                                                        Atlanta Healthcare
Model                                                       Gama 331
Product Type                                            Air Purifier
Body Material                                           Plastic
Color                                                        White
Technical Specifications
Air Flow (m3/hr)                                      240m3/hr
CADR (m3/hr)                                         170m3/hr
Maximum coverage area (sq. ft.)              330 sq.ft.
In the Box
Box Contains                                           Main Unit, Remote Control, User Manual, Warranty Card
Voltage (Volts)                                           220
Power Consumption (Watts)                     42
Coverage Area (sq. ft.)                              330 sq.ft.
Min Noise level (dB)                                30 db
Max Noise level (dB)                               40db
Fan Speed Modes                                     3 [Low / Medium / Fast]
Timers                                                       Manual / Auto / 1,2,4 hrs

Additional Features

  • Advanced filtration technology
  • Multi-Mode Operations
  • Safety switch
  • Auto start in case of power failure
  • LED Display
  • Plug & play operation

Safety Feature                                                Machine stops if cover is open
Remote Control                                              YES
Number of Filters                                             3
Pre Filter                                                         YES
HEPA Filter                                                     YES
Activated Carbon                                             YES
Other Filters / Purification Technology

  • Photo catalyst
  • UV Light
  • Ionizer

Product Weight (kgs)                                             4 kg
Dimensions in mm                                                  305 x 330 x 170
HEPA Filter size                                                    205 x 95 x 38 mm
Activated Carbon size and PCO                             205x 95 x 15mm
Warranty (years) excluding consumables                  1 Year