Water Coolers and Dispensers from Brook


With the introduction of the BROOK water purifier, Kelby becomes the first manufacturer of industrial water purification systems using ozone and ultraviolet. The BROOK is a uniquely designed water purifier which reduces potential health-effect contaminants in drinking water. It has operational convenient and user friendly models designed for Industries, Institutions, Offices, Hospitals and Hotels.

Key Features

  • Dual purification technology (UV and Ozone) ensures safe and healthy drinking water.
  • Direct storage tank purification at regular interval.
  • Residual ozone ensures safe storage of water.
  • Simple installation and ease of use.
  • Combination of normal, hot and cold water dispensing.
  • Superior quality, value, and environmentally preferred.
  • India‚Äôs first dual purification Stainless Steel Water Purifier.
  • Service friendly design, hence the customers also can maintain.