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Mineral RO Technology
Pure Innovation
At KENT, we ensure that every day we come up with fresh idea to make your life a little more pure.
Double Purification: RO+UV/UF
KENT holds the credit of introducing path-breaking purification technologies. It is known the world over as the pioneer of RO purifiers. While benefits RO as a process were known since 1970s. KENT gives it the shape of a usable, world-class product, KENT RO purifiers gives the purest water while retaining essential natural minerals. It is superior to purifiers that are solely UV purification by adding a RO process in addition to UV purification.

As visionaries of the future and health living, KENT provides a bridge between scarcity of purity and its availability. Its revolutionary technology of RO+UV+UF+TDS controller purifies water while retaining the essential natural minerals. This technology ensures that the water becomes not only the purest, but is healthy too.