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Overview of Kent Mini Water Softener:

​The Kent Mini Water Softener is designed to provide you with protection for all those expensive household appliances that you have washing machine, dish-washer, and even things such as you water heaters. The reason for this technology is that the water that comes from water supply regions is contaminated to a large degree with sediment salts that build up in all these machines and spoil them from the inside as the sediments build up. This is also a very useful thing to fit in the kitchen and for generic water supply, for the simple reason that it removes hard salts and minerals and makes the water soft and safer for you and you appliances.

 Purification Technology:
The technology that the Kent Mini Water Softener uses is based on the technology of exchanging hard salts that are prevalent in the water with sodium, this makes the water softer and enables all your gadgets to do a better job, function better, as well as drastically increases the life of all the gadgets that are connected with it, by preventing the buildup of chalk and white sediments in your water based appliances.

Benefits of Kent Mini Softener:

  • KENT Mini Water Softener is the world’s first compact water softener .
  • It is very easy to install and operate.
  • Due to its compact design, it can be fitted easily to all types of household appliances.
  • Equipped with a unique valve its resin can be regenerated in minutes.

Kent Mini Water Softener Specs:

Features                           Softening Technology, Wall Mountable
Installation                        Wall Mount
(WxDxH)                         270x380x505
Type of Water Purifier       Direct Flow
Color                                White