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IONOI™   is your premium water softeners supplier, offering the most advanced, innovative and reliable water softeners on the market as a solution to your hard water problems. IONOI brand softener for the removal of Calcium and Magnesium deposits give you the most efficient and low maintenance water softening equipment customized to your requirements. From a small family of 4 members up to a large residential complex of 800 residents, we can provide a softener which suits every requirement.

Commercial Softeners suitable for Laundries, Hotels, Hospitals, Institutions, Hostels…etc., are custom designed to work seamlessly with existing plumbing lines and storage systems.

AQUALITY™ offers a one stop solution to projects in the industrial segment . Having handled a profile of individual projects exceeding over a Crore in value as part of several hundred Crores parent projects give us the ability to take it from conception to commissioning single handedly. We aim for customer delight by offering products and services which exceed expectations. This is achieved through multi stage quality check in the manufacturing process combined with close monitoring of Quality Control in every step. Our products exceed the industry standards prevailing in the market.

Our team of expert professionals work in close coordination with the clients to keep abreast of changing needs and to maintain cordial relations with them. Over the time, due to our excellence in serving our customers in the best possible manner, we have garnered reputed clients in Industrial and Commercial segments while building ourselves a place in the hearts and kitchens of residential customers as well.

A growth story which is usually seen in fiction has been achieved by passion , determination and perseverance.