Water is the single most important ingredient in food service. Consider these facts: ice is 100% water, coffee and tea area 98% water, fountain beverages are 83%, and soups and sauces are up to 80% water. With these percentages, it’s no wonder more and more food service establishments worldwide depend on Pentair Everpure® water treatment systems to provide the best quality and the most consistent water possible.

But we don’t just offer products. We make running food service operations easier with our unique and innovative water management services. Our Total Water Management (TWM) program bundles together products, knowledge, services and tools into one linear process.

Customer Needs Assessment 

  • Situation Analysis & Recommendation 
  • Implementation & Management

Pentair Everpure’s TWM program includes: 

  • Water testing and analysis 
  • Site survey 
  • Application engineering 
  • Point-of-use water conditioning technologies 
  • Point-of-entry water conditioning technologies 
  • Point-of-exit water conditioning technologies 
  • Project management 
  • Technical services 
  • Customer services 
  • Comprehensive post-sale services 
  • Training 
  • Research & development 
  • Marketing & merchandising support

Our three-step TWM program approach helps us provide operators with a custom water management solution that not only takes their water and makes it extraordinary, but also ensures it remains that way—consistently. Total Water Management allows us to deliver upon our brand promise: No matter where you are or what your need, if you are a food service operator, Pentair Everpure will more effectively manage your water. Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to strategically delivering custom solutions to foodservice operators.


Everpure has a long tradition of providing quality, innovative products to food service. In fact, we’re found in

more food service operations around the world than any other water treatment brand.

  • Backroom systems
  • Beverage pumps
  • Coffee
  • Hot Beverage
  • Ice Making
  • Pre Filtration
  • Problem Solving Catridges
  • Ro
  • Scale Reduction
  • Softening
  • Steam Cooking
  • Warewashing
  • Water Boost

Water's impact on food services




EVERPURE & the Environment

Enjoy the Taste without the Waste

Our solutions have been designed to be eco-friendly and affordable.

Our goal is to provide products that reduce waste and save money.

Everpure products can also contribute to indirect savings;
An 1/8” layer of scale can reduce the efficiency of a coffee machine by 50%,

resulting in twice the amount of electricity consumed.Our treatment solutions

help to optimize equipment life and save on energy costs.

Quality water is vital to your operation

Water impacts customer satisfaction. Your customer’s first and last impression of your

operation isoften the beverage you serve them. If the taste and odour of your ice water,

fountain beverage or coffee is not as it should be it will be noticed.

  •  Fountain beverages are 83% water
  •  Coffee is 99% water
  •  Ice is 100% water

Water impacts your profits...
Water travels with a lot of unwanted chemicals, sediment and dissolved

minerals that can effect equipment performance and life. Corrosion,

abrasion, clogging, scaling and energy waste can all be reduced or

eliminated with proper water conditioning.


From training and product selection, to marketing and point of sale support, Pentair  Everpure® is your Office Coffee & Water Service (OCS) water treatment partner.We will help you turn beverage programs into a profit center. By offering a premium water program

to your customers, you can increase your annual profits and, by offering great ingredient water, you will

always sell more coffee.

Pentair Everpure designs water filter systems that deliver a virtually unlimited supply of clean, crisp, refreshing

water without the hassles and headaches of bottled water. After all, bottled water poses many inconveniences

including the weight and storage of large jugs,as well as ongoing expenses involved with routine water delivery.

Everpure-branded filters are installed in bottle less coolers or drinking fountains, providing your office with a

continuous supply of fresh, clean drinking water at a substantial savings over bottled water. 

Shurflo® brand pumps and fluid management solutions have been synonymous

with innovation and quality since 1968. Pentair Shurflo is a recognized global

leader in producing pumps and related components for Beverage, Food service,

Recreational Vehicle, Marine and General Industrial markets. Whether your

needs center around reverse osmosis booster, delivery and transfer, filtration,

or other beverage-related applications, we can design a solution to meet your

specific requirements.

We manage water

Pentair water treatment brands are recognised throughout the  food service industry for their quality, reliability and innovation.  We have manufacturing and distribution centres throughout the world and are committed to ensuring every glass of water you serve is safe,clean and crystal clear.

Our dedication to providing you with effective, smart solutions is evident in all our products, from the unique Everpure 'Claris' five-in-one softening and water treatment cartridge to our 600 gallon/day MRS reverse osmosis system.  We  lead the industry with products that perform under the most demanding conditions.  Whatever your water filtration needs, trust Everpure to deliver a sparkling clear solution.





About Pentair
Pentair is the largest water filtration, water treatment and beverage dispensing equipment manufacturer for the global foodservice industry. Our core foodservice brands include EVERPURE water treatment and filtration systems, and SHURFLO beverage pumps and backroom accessories.