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Different Models in Pool Filtration

Benefits of Pool Filtration:

  • Water quality
  • Health benefits
  • Environmental and
  • Economic benefits

Swimming pool filtration is the process of ensuring healthy conditions in swimming pools, hot tubs, plunge pools, and similar recreational water venues. Proper sanitation is needed to maintain the visual clarity of water and to prevent the transmission of infectious waterborne diseases.

Filtration methods include a water filter to remove pollutants, disinfection to kill infectious microorganisms, swimmer hygiene to minimize the introduction of contaminants into pool water, and regular testing of pool water, including chlorine and pH levels.

Swimming Pool Filters

  • Plastic pressure filters
  • Pool filter system
  • Swimming pool filter system
  • Swimming pool sand filter

Filtration units:

1.Sand Filter :- A  pressure-fed  sand   filter  is  typically   place d in   line immediately after the water pump. The filter typically contains  a medium such as graded sand.

2.Diatomaceous earth :- Some filters use diatomaceous earth to help filter out contaminants. Commonly referred to as 'D.E.' filters, they exhibit superior filtration capabilities.

3.Cartridge filters :- Other filter media that have been introduced to the residential swimming pool market since 1970 include sand particles and paper type cartridge filters.

4. Automated pool cleaners :- Automated pool cleaners more commonly known as "Automatic pool cleaners" and in particular electric, robotic pool cleaners provide an extra measure of filtration.

5.Other systems :- Saline chlorination units, electronic oxidation systems, ionization systems, microbe disinfection with ultra-violet lamp systems, and "Tri-Chlor Feeders" are other independent or auxiliary systems for swimming pool sanitation.

6.Consecutive dilution :- A pool filtration system as described (above) is termed a "consecutive dilution" system, as a constant and consecutive stream of fresh, chlorinated, and filtered water is being continually returned to the pool as part of a process that could ultimately result in a pool with 100% newly introduced fresh water over a period of time.

Sand filtration is the most common filter in residential pools for it's low cost and maintenance.  The filtration isn't as good as other methods but adequate for most pools.  This type of filter used pool sand as well as some new alternatives to sand that work extremely well with salt water systems and will help you achieve crystal clear water.

Like the pool pump, the filter is an essential component of every pool. There are essentially two common types of filter sand and cartridge. Both have their benefits, so it really comes down to personal choice and preference.