INR 44,110.00

Pure Zone® 651


Pure Zone® 651 is a multi-use domestic and commercial air purifier packed with industry leading air purification technologies. Pure Zone® 651 consists of High grade ULPA Filter 0.1 micron [category higher than HEPA from purification standpoint which takes care of 0.3 micron] to remove suspended particulate matter, pollen, dust, germs and infection carrying microbes with purification efficiency of 99.99%.

Pure Zone® 651 effectively catalyzes and decomposes harmful and noxious gases like Formaldehyde, Hydrogen Sulfide and Ammonia. Restrains activation of viruses and has UV light filter to sterilize air up to 97.5%.The higher availability of fresh air helps enhance activity, health and memory levels in children.

Besides making the environment & surrounding air fresh and pure, it generates 8 million negative ions per cubic meter per second. Negative ions are found near waterfalls, mountains & green areas like forests that keep you fresh and vitalize your mind and body.
Based on a radically new approach to air purifier design, the Pure Zone® 651 features ultra-silent™ air intake technology ideal for Residences, Hospitals, offices, Restaurants, Institutions , Bars, Saloons and Gyms.
Recommended Use/Benefits

  • Residences, Hospitals, offices, Restaurants, institutions , Bars, Saloons and Gyms
  • Indoor spaces requiring clean, odor free, infection-free environments
  • A single unit is effective up to 650 sq. ft. of enclosed space.

With best in class features and an in-built microprocessor system, the Pure Zone® 651 contains advanced six stage technology for effective air filtration and a series of filters to remove dust, suspended particulate matter, air-borne bacteria, viruses and lingering smells.

  1. STAGE 1- Electrostatic Precipitator: Helps remove very small dust particles with efficiency of 99.9%.
  2. STAGE 2- High grade ULPA filter: These filters meet the highest standards of particulate matter filtration. ULPA filters are 0.1 Microns class of air filters that can remove particulate, pollen, dust, allergen and germs with purification efficiency of 99.99%.
  3. STAGE 3- Photo catalyst: With advanced Titanium Dioxide based filters, this restrains the activation of the virus effectively by oxidation.
  4. STAGE 4 – Activated Carbon: Bio-synthesized from walnut shells, the activated carbon filter catalyzes and decomposes harmful gas like formaldehyde, H2S, NH3 from the air efficiently. The adsorption area of the activated carbon is more than 75,000 sq. m.
  5. STAGE 5 – UV light: Kills microorganisms effectively and sterilizes air. Has an ultra-long life of 6,000 hours.
  6. STAGE 6 – Negative ion generator:Has four carbon fiber heads to generate high density of ions continuously. Helps keep air fresh and reduce density of suspended particulate matter.

Technical Specifications

 Brand                                                        Atlanta Healthcare
Model                                                        Pure Zone® 651
Product Type                                            
Body Material                                            Plastic
Color Silver                                               Black

Technical Specifications
Air Flow (m3/hr)                                       500 m3/hr
CADR (m3/hr)                                          320 m3/hr
Maximum coverage area (sq. ft.)                650 sq. ft.

`In the Box
Box Contains                                              Main Unit, Remote Control, User Manual, Warranty Card
Voltage (Volts)                                             220
Power Consumption (Watts)                        51 Watt.
Coverage Area (sq. ft.)                                650 sq.ft.
Min Noise level (dB)                                   25 db
Max Noise level (dB)                                  42 db
Fan Speed Modes                                      3 [Low / Medium / Fast]
Timers                                                        Manual, Auto, 1,2,4 Hrs
Additional Features

  • Advanced filtration technology
  • Multi-Mode Operations
  • Safety switch, LED Display
  • Auto Indicators
  • Auto start in case of power failure
  • Plug & play operation

Safety Feature                                            Machine stops if Front Filter cover is opened.
Remote Control                                          YES

Number of Filters                                         3
ESP Filter                                                    YES
ULPA Filter                                                 YES (ULPA; Higher grade to HEPA)
Activated Carbon                                         YES
Other Filters / Purification Technology

  • Photo Catalyst Filter
  • E.S.P Filter
  • UV light
  • Ionizer

Product Weight (kgs)                                            10.5
Dimensions in mm                                                 580 x 450 x 240
HEPA Filter Size                                                  450 x 210 x 68 mm
Activated Carbon Filter size                                  440 x 190 x 11 mm
ESP Filter Size                                                      448 x 160 x 34 mm
Warranty (years) excluding consumables 1 Year
Safety Information
Safe for use in homes and commercial establishments. Child safe design. Machine stops if front filter cover is accidentally opened. Has advanced pollution sensor and filter change sensor to alert if filters need replacement.