Pentair UV-2 Sterilizer system uses ultraviolet light to sterilize or deactivate disease causing bacteria, virus and other micro-organisms present in water. UV technology is extensively used in water treatment applications, as it is inexpensive, avoids use of external chemicals and has no water wastage. This system is ideal for use in school, colleges, institutions, nursing homes, restaurants, canteens, shopping malls and for vending of soft drinks, etc. If the inlet water is brackish/saline or is very hard then advanced “Reverse Osmosis System” is recommended.


Water Flow Rate
Lamp Power
Lamp Qty
Lamp Warning
Material of Chamber
UV-2 Sterilizer
450 Ltrs/Hr
1 Pcs
Female NPT ½

UV -2  Sterilizer

• Efficient disinfection by High UV dose.
• Sanitization and safety comes from electronically polishing.
• SUS304 chamber and quartz sleeve high transmittance.
• No effect of taste and smell into water.
• No harmful material into water.
• Compact ballast and plug assembly.
• 9000 hours simple and stable operation.

Features, Advantages

• Brand is EVERPURE
• Maximum Flow Rate 450 Ltrs/Hr.
• Ideal for Low TDS Water
• Flexible Installation, Wall-mount/Under-counter
• Status Indicator Signals
• Consumables are Cartridge and UV lamp only
• 14 watt UV lamp
• Durable and aesthetic design
• Low Total Cost of Ownership