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This wind turbine is from Southwest Windpower ,USA ,more than 10000 nos sold worldwide in last 25 years.

Thus the most proven and most popular commercial power wind turbine in the world
Light weight, 75Kg, 

With improvements like increase of power output, reduction of noise and vibration. 
Application: Rural /village electrification , Roof top of city high rise, 3HP water pumps, Hotels ,malls and offices power supply


General Configuration

Model                                         Whisper 500

Rotation Axis                              Horizontal

Orientation                                 Up Wind

Rotation Direction                       Clockwise looking upwind

Number of Blades                        2

Material of blades                        EPoxy with carbon fibre composite resin bonded.

Material of rotor shaft material  SS 304

Rotor Diameter                           4.50 M

Body/housing                              MS duly marine primer & powder coated

Mount                                         5 inches

Weight                                        Not more than 80 kg +/- 10%

Certification                                ISO 9001-2008, CE Certified

Marine Treatment for tropical & marine atmosphere

Certificate for salt spray test as per ASTM B-117


Peak Electrical power (watts)        3200 watts peak

1 min max average power output   IEC 61400 test is under progress at CWET

Rated/Voltage                                LV model 24volts

Rated wind speed                           12 m/s

Startup/Cut in wind speed               3.1 m/s

Cut out wind speed                          14 m/s to 16 m/s

Survival wind speed                         55 m/s

Rotor                                             Swept area 15.9 meter square                       

Rotational speed                             500-600 rpm

Blade pitch                                     Fixed

Direction of rotation                        Clockwise

Over speed control                        Side furling & dump load.    

Emergency electromagnetic braking through controller.

Manual stopping by brake switch installed on turbine tower base.

Yaw System                                     Wind direction sensor
By tail fin & tail boom

Yaw control                                      Free/Passive yaw